What SMP needs an Ore/Gem Specialist?

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Which SMP?

SMP1 5 vote(s) 13.2%
SMP2 2 vote(s) 5.3%
SMP3 4 vote(s) 10.5%
SMP4 3 vote(s) 7.9%
SMP5 4 vote(s) 10.5%
SMP6 2 vote(s) 5.3%
SMP7 3 vote(s) 7.9%
SMP8 12 vote(s) 31.6%
SMP9 3 vote(s) 7.9%
  1. Soon, I will be a Gold supporter and will be claiming my second residence, which will hold my new specialist shop. I am bringing this question to you all because I want to know which SMP feels they need it the most.

    My prices will be fairly less than market price;

    Diamonds at 95 r instead of 120 r
    Gold Ingots at 8 r instead of 12 r

    Let me know your opinions.
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  2. Don't think about it smp8 needs one
  3. Smp8 mostly or smp4 :p
  4. Go SMP2! I don't know what for but I like SMP2!
  5. SMP8 dominating.
  6. SMP8 won.
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  7. This was literally a population contest lol
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  8. Pretty much.
  9. No-one sells ores/gems on smp5 :/
    And also, smp8 always wins these things bcs they have the biggest population on the forums :D
  10. That's cause we're awesome! :p
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  11. Pfft... smp1/5 FTW
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  12. :eek:. Repping two smps! Have you no shame sir ;)
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  13. It doesn't really matter which smp since you won't ever have stock at that price :)
  14. I could only see that happening because some people.... will buy the diamonds and resell them. I consider this a rude thing to do but I could see that happening.
  15. SMP1 came in second! You should just give it to us because SMP8 isn't as amazing
  16. Oh man, I'm in need of an ore/gem specialist.
    Could you please tell me what this gem is?
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  17. *Squints Eyes* I am not specialist but I think you got yourself a cow there. That's a pretty rare one.
  18. No, I think it's a chicken... Possibly a Grass Block?
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