What slenderman does behind you back!

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  1. Found this on youtube, and thought, why not share :D!

  2. Very funny, thanks for sharing ;)
    I've always wondered what he must be doing whilst he follows you around :rolleyes:
  3. Lol, new 'rickrolled'
  4. I was rofling XD
  5. I got the moves like Slender, I got the moves like Slender, I got the moooOOOooovvveess Like Slender XD
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  6. Epic Sax Guy lol.
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  7. ..... Now i will be even worse at this game.. because i will just continuously look behind me.. thanks alot eclipsys >.>
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  8. \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\
    I Am The Slender Man
    Slender Man I Am
    Slender Man I Am
    Sleeender Sleeeeender

    Sing It & Like My Comment.
    Cheers ;)

  9. The Original Epic Sax Guy performance if anyone wants to know where its from :D
  10. *Holds back temptation to replace with 10 hour version*
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  11. Ah, my skin was Epic Sax Guy for a long time.
    Good times.
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  13. They are the EuroVision stars with most Youtube views after that Loreen - Euphoria.
    Pretty impressive when they didnt even make it to the final ;)
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  15. The two on their own, still awesome.
    But the two together, well, you know :p
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  16. Oh, and by the way.
    That like got me to the 250 likes trophy, so thank you kindly.
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  17. make that 251 xD No problemo
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  18. Meh, 252, but who's counting?
    Oh yeah, me.