What show do you think is the dumbest?

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  1. Any show with the Kardasians in it, or Jersey shore.
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  2. Subbed anime. I want dubbed! D:
  3. WHAT?!! honestly you are not a true anime fan. this upsets me. everyone knows subbed is the best. no thoughts are misconstructed by voice acting of other characters. You feel the emotion in the voices of the characters and apply it to the text. I sir, am ashamed this day. XD
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  4. Yeah, but I like to watch anime while I eat. Having to look down at my food or drink, I miss things. x_x
  5. lol. well then.

    Fair enough.
  6. I feel your pain. IMO, most of the time, the voices in subs are so much better (okay...except vic mignogna's is pretty attractive...) but if you don't like reading it's a pain. Eventually you get used to it, and it's like the subs aren't even there.
    You could also learn Japanese. It's such a boss language ;D
  7. "Reality" tv shows. I hate reality. Why would I want to watch a show about it?
  8. May I ask HOW this got onto anime.
  9. with that.
    2nd post i do believe.
  10. >>;

    Wasn't me.