What should my shop/mall specialize in?

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  1. I need your help!

    So I am making a mega mall that includes most everything but
    along with that I want a shop that just focuses on 1 or just a few things.
    So this is where you come in! All I want you to do is put down
    below in the comments what type of specialized shop you want me to make.
    I will do the rest by putting this shop together and making it to the best
    of my abilities!


  2. Apples and bananas
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  3. Can you think of a shop that specialises in potatoes? Nope, i can't. AND they have 3 different variants :D
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  4. Good Idea but there really isn't a big need for potatoes on emc
  5. Enchants.
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  6. Like I enchant the sword and sell it or like book enchants?
  7. God enchanted at good prices are the best sold items imo... ex u3e5 picks
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  8. ohhhh ok taken into consideration