What should i put in my Chest of awesomeness?

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  1. I want to make a chest to sell on the fourm auctions. I Am not sure what to put in them, any ideas?
  2. Enchanted Swords
  3. I was thinking of doing something along the lines of enchanted something
  4. Enchanted Tools, Weapons, Diamonds, Emeralds, Pure Ores, and Cake!
    It would be epic. :)
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  5. Burritos
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  6. Hot Pocket Burritos.
    "I got pockets. HOT Ones..... YA GOT SUM??!!" - The Rap Battle
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  7. When they come out with burritos ill make a chest of them
  8. I currently have: a stack of diamond ore, 4 diamond blocks, 64 enderpearls, 2 stacks of Mossy cobble, 6 enderchests, 70 blaze rods, 3 stacks of redstone, a silk touch Efficentcy 2 Diamond pick, And a Unbreaking 3 Efficentcy 4 Diamond Pick. Ill Place Edits if i add anything.
  9. Btw you can only auction enchanted stuffs
  10. When was that rule put in place just a week ago i saw some of these up.
  11. Not exactly. See, you can also auction NON-enchanted stuff. But only in double chests.

    There is no rule saying NO unenchanted items. It simply states that unenchanted items must be auctioned in double chests :)
  12. You need to put some iron and gold. Also, you should add some books, emerald, and villager eggs.
  13. not Expesive enough
  14. Double chest of CAKE!!!!!!