What should I make a video about?

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  1. I just downloaded the free version of Bandicam and I don't know what to do with it. I want to know what people think I should do. It doesn't have to be Minecraft related. It could be about anything and could be fun, informational, or both. If you want to do an idea with me than that is fine too. If I like an idea I will do it.

    So what should I record?
  2. A nature video about numbats! They are sooooo cute. Or do one for those who live in the U.S.A. Call it "How a totally-insane-lying-thieving-torturing-enslaving-murdering-killer (among several other crimes that could also give you nightmares) who wiped out nearly the entire population of natives on a good-sized island became famous in the United States: The story of Columbus."
  3. A nature video about wombats! They are so cute...
  4. Wombats + Numbats + Just plain bats... we have the makings of a great video here.
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  5. Your wambats ideas are interesting.
    What other stuff do people think I should do?
  6. Um... make a funny tutorial of how to make something?
  7. C'mon guys, let's get creative!
    I think you should make a video about potatoes flying
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  8. No. A funny video about bumping in forums!
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  10. Anyone else have ideas?
  11. How to install Chrome.exe?