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  1. My Skype account has been getting hacked. This is the second time it has happened.
    The hacker sent things to one of my closest friends such as,"You suck. You are the worst person ever. You jerk. You are stupid."
    Please help me with what I should do. I think it is one of my friends doing it. I have an incredibly complex password made of three digits and twelve letters, and caps.
  2. I dont know much about Skype but, reset your password and recovery questions? If they even have questions.
  3. Contact your friends immediately by some other mean and let them know you were hacked. Call support and try to relinquish your account. Afterwards, change your passwords and security questions. If you have the same password for any other accounts CHANGE THEM IMMEDIATELY. Have a different password for each account, and use a password manager like LastPass.
  4. What exactly does it do?
  5. LastPass basically remembers all your passwords so you don't have to.
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  6. Ok thank you