What should I do with 2 res?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by GeneralWillikers, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. So I'm hopping to get diamond supporter hear so0n so I decided to ask you guys what should I do with 2 of them. Now I don"t want any crazy impossible ideas but something that would be fun to build and fun to look at. Just leave your ideas in the comments and I'll pick 2 ideas to make on separate res. I hope to see some pretty awesome ideas.
  2. FYI Diamond gets 3 extra :)
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  3. I gess he is asking for 2 ideas because he alreay has 2(ideas)?
  4. A rollercoaster! A giant farm, i despicable me purple minion!
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  5. This.
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  6. I do know that they give you three I just have 1 idea for one
  7. A roller coaster would be cool and a giant farm is what im making on my utopia res.
  8. Make a purple minion from despicable me!
  9. I might try that may end up going horibly wrong
  10. Make that shop we were talking about dat one day. :D
  11. That is one my first res and I might need your help making the prices or i could just make that my house and turn around and co with you
  12. Safely bring the nether-experience to townies who never venture out there/trigger PTSD in those who do venture out there. Maybe?
  13. Just a normal Aikar advertising his amazing diamond supporter ship for only a low price of $20 unlike others where you only have an option to buy the supporter ship you can buy either a Voucher or get the Supporter ship!!!!!!!