What should i do on my 4th res?

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Do you have any suggestions?

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  1. I need help deciding what to build on my fourth res. I already have a shop, horse track, and a horse breeding center/storage area. If anyone has any suggestions for me please post them down below.
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  2. Bulk buying? Auction pickup? Farm?
  3. A lot of people on smp8 offer bulk buying so i dont want to do that but i dont have an auction pickup or a farm so those are ideas.
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  4. Maybe you could create a detailed build such as a modern house or create games to play with friends. I recently got a fourth res too and I'm not sure what to build there.
  5. I was originally going to do that but i have gotten so busy with another build that i haven't had time.
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  6. Whenever I'm to busy to build, I just make my friends build for me. Lol :p
  7. You could build a minigame.
  8. What kind of minigame?
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  9. A parkour minigame.
  10. I cant complete parkour so ill probably be just as bad building it though i will keep thid idea in mind
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  11. Im not that good at parkour myself, but I built a parkour tower to advertise my shop.
  12. I'll have to check yours out to see if i get any ideas
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  13. Something for your friends to be recognized. Like a friend wall or something. (Good reminder: !!!make sure to NOT forget anyone!!!) xD :p
  14. I dont think this would take up an entire res but i could build my friends skins
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  15. Yes!! That seems like it would take up an entire res instead of a wall xD
  16. I could have them build their own skins so that they look how they want (im not good at building)
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