What Should I Do In My 3rd and 2nd Res'.

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  1. Hello Peoples

    What should I do in thoses res' build a mini shop, villager trading, tell me I'm board out of my mind with thoses please help me ; - ;

    Please No Farms and Shops, I'm too poor ;)
  2. Rhy + ghasts shrine?
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  3. On my second or third... And I don't know.. Rhy and Ghast broke up <\3 and.. Ghast is going out with Rhythmically
  4. More ideas? Drop Party Res, anything, not rude :p
  5. Maybe make a promo shop, a play ground res, a bulk shop,a huge roller coaster, a bunch of pixel art, make a place like a house that looks cool then sell it?
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  6. Give Kira build and give her wool, something will end up happening
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  7. Make a giant villager trading post so I can farm emeralds.
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  8. You should create a giant model of your head, and inside have a headshop of mobs.
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  9. I was thinking that
    I changed my skin.l
  10. Bump! Some ideas are good, but nothing grabs my attention!
  11. Make the sugarcane farm. Not a sugarcane farm, THEE sugarcane farm. Make it so big and efficient, the storage goes on another res. Make this farm so great, it makes all the other sugarcane farms cry. Make this sugarcane farm so big, it breaks zoning laws. Make this farm so beautiful, it makes eyes break at the sheer beatifulosity of a mere glance. This farm will be greater than farms because it will be THEE farm that all other things that dare call themselves farms are compared too. Make all the other sugarcane farms keel over at the placement of the first block, make this farm produce sugarcane faster than America can go into debt! (Like 3+DCs /second)
  12. What's the point of Sugarcane? :p
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  14. II could do a mini store.. Or.. Another Fun Res including.., Mazes, Archery, Trivia.. More, what do you think?
  15. I like shilgre ill eat u if u no shugrkane m9