What should I build?

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  1. Hey guys. It's me. I'm bored.

    BUT! I will not quit EMC like most other bored members do. I am determined to have some fun. But in order to do this I need YOUR help! I have a residence. A blank residence. And I don't know what to build. I have a stone brick wall around it for privacy, but nothing inside it.

    Please post suggestions down below.
    Things that I have already build that I don't want to build again:
    -small shop
    -farms galore
    -Eiffel tower

    They can somewhat relate to those, but preferably not.
    Thanks, Hash98
  2. a monument to my awesomeness?
  3. Make a mega mall!
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  4. bunches of player statues :D
  5. Wall of decapitated skulls! (heads) :D
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  6. You could try and build a wild west scene with all that it entails:

    Inn, Hotel, Stables, Jail, surrounded by desert and run by villagers :p