What should I build?

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What should I build?

Poll closed Nov 11, 2012.
Casino 5 vote(s) 33.3%
Museum 3 vote(s) 20.0%
Community Building 7 vote(s) 46.7%
  1. Hey!
    I need some help. After I closed Miner Co. I have no use for my second res. So I want you guys to decide. Should I build a casino, museum or a community building(Just for people to hang out at)? Please vote and post what you think about each idea. You have 2 weeks to vote.

  2. There are already people making museums and there are casinos out there, I think you should make a place to hang out at :)

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  3. I agree with Zoe because there is just more freedom in building a hang out place because there is endless possibilities on what to build unlike building a museum or casino which are specified choices and need to be built with certain things inside them.
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  4. Yes, of course you agree with me south.
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  5. See, if there was a community building in EMC then there would be no Forever Aloner's .Do it!
  6. A giant taco
  7. A plot that everyone has every permission and build some communal thing with farms and stuff
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  8. Community, check the siggy to see why....
  9. I am actually thinking of combining a community centre and museum now. Also a drop party room.
  10. casino if not that
    Build a
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  11. Yeah that's what I heard a few people are building. I agree with coffee.
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  12. dam right!
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  13. A huge wool thingy saying:
    I <3 nfell2009!
  14. Dammit stealing my idea!!!
  15. Bit lat to say but it looks like the community building won. I will post a thread soon and begin asking for donations. I will actually be adding in a bit of a museum and casino into it but it will be mainly a community building.