What should i build?

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  1. I just reset my res..ye the beautiful fountain is gone :( and i need some ideas on what to build!
  2. a massive cane farm
  3. Wo
  4. A fat chicken in a tuxedo flying with shades with a giant tomato on it while it is getting stabbEd by a obese steve while a creeper sitting on him while a radio is playing a bunch of cat CDs While cats are meowing, and a pig killer with a bunch of cows and the creeper is getting stabbed by a giant Steve and the tomato is exploding (srry bob) while me, jamesg003 is crouching holding another fat chicken and the cycle repeats until Icc finds it. Man this is hard to type on a iPhone.
  5. A dirt house:)
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  6. My idea is so much better xD
  7. I vote dirt house.
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  8. I'm with toaster.
  9. I'll supply 2 stacks of dirt!
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  10. How about not one dirt house, but TWO... and a half
  11. Why, my good sir...
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  12. Brilliant!
  13. Lol thanks for the ideas, but ive built something already! come to 2114 in SMP1 to check it out!
  14. Bunkerllama you don't need the glowstone then you can still pick it up at my res @12218 smp6

    I won't use it
  15. to hard even harder than:

  16. Already picked it up Lightgear :D