What should i build next?

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  1. Hi all, dc here and i am wonderin what to build next.

    I have already built a parkour/ assassin tower with a hot air balloon and i have 3 or four stacks of sandstone.

    any1 suggestions are welcome but please do not submit redstone contraptions

    (i suck at redstone)

    If you would like to help me out with stuff please do not hestitate to start a convo with me.

    I hope to hear from you guys
  2. build a multi-layer maze under or around the tower?
  3. Im not a fan of mazes
  4. LOL, make a 'Gay Tony' seriouse.
  5. What about a temple building, a few pillars around a raised level of sandstone, a water well in the middle. Then on the pillars you can place a dome, creating a nice atrium. Then u can hang vines from under the dome.

    If you want living space to come with ur temple, u can make a entrance in the well or maybe hovering somewhere near it :D

  6. Challenge accepted
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