What should I build here?

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  1. What Should I build on top of my house roof? Maybe a tower made out of wood? I dont know any suggestions would be appreciated.

    *My res is on smp6 12581 if you want to check it out.
  2. You should turn fire spread on and put some nice lava fountains a some nice touches of flint and steel.
  3. I'm looking for something more like a building I can build on top of there, like a hotel, party house, penthouse, or just extra floors for my house.
  4. Something similar to the Seattle Needle. :3 Seattle Needle.jpg
    (NOTE! The city in the background is optional.)
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  5. I like that, might do it. But will it look good on wood and what material do I build it out of?
  6. Wood would not be ideal for it. Something with a more metallic or whitish look, like iron blocks. As for the look on top of the wooden building, that is more up to you. Your residence. :)