what should I be selling in my shop?

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  1. I have an okay sized shop but it doesn't have great items that people want.
    At them moment I am selling spawn eggs, breeding stuff, colored wool, monster drops, really cheap enchantment books, farming stuff, and basic blocks like wood and cobble and glass.
    -I'd really like if you all would tell me what you'd be looking for in a shop?
  2. Personally i make most of my business from leather and mined items
  3. People like ores/ingots the most I think.
  4. Leather is a big one. Ores are also very important to people. You could also add some decorating blocks such as Lapiz or Quartz.
  5. Sell ores, basic needs and ummm other stuff...get suppliers to...
  6. people love sugar cane, so sell sugar cane
  7. How do you get suppliers?
  8. Well i could supply for you ;) Also to make the best profit gather your materials.
  9. Sell sponge!!!
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  10. Risky business, I would only do it if you had a 100k cushion if it didn't work out
  11. If you had cheap lapis I'd buy you out every day lol
  12. Race you to it.
  13. I need like, approximately a lot of it.
  14. And I need...
    Precisely a bit more.
  15. I'd buy it and then sell it to you two for more


  16. I'm not buying for more than 1r a flake. Unless I'm very desperate at the time.
  17. I'm joking, making fun of our *censored* gay economy and .... Don't get me started....
  18. Eh, people normally don't often buy cobble from shops, because, well, it's pretty commonly sold, but I know some people like buying potions. (Extremely hard to stock often I think however.)
  19. I have a source of cheap cobble, another source for cheap coal, and someone who buys lots of smooth stone. If a single commodity can be offered at a good price, it'll be sold.
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  20. Ask...