What should her name be?

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What should we name her?

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Boxxy 19 vote(s) 73.1%
Colbert 7 vote(s) 26.9%
  1. Shes an adorable little dog, with no real breed to her.. Yes, she is a mutt. We are trying to decide if we should name her Boxxybabee or Colbert.
    Why the names:
    - We like how energetic Boxxy portrays herself, and our puppy is very energetic.
    - Colbert is based off of the Colbert Report, a political guy, and of course, Aikar likes him.

    So we're pretty torn between these two names.
    This is old news, but this is why we thought Colbert would be a good name for a girl. :D:p
    I'll eventually get some pictures of her up, if you're all interested. :)
  2. Boxxy to the win!
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  3. How can we name her without seeing what she looks like, post a pic to help us decide? :p
  4. It doesn't even matter what it looks like. Boxxy ftw.
  5. Maybe name the dog Avaitor if she likes to "fly";)
  6. I managed to get a picture of her while she was holding still for a split second on the bed.

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  7. Boxxy :D. That puppy looks like a Boxxy but not the babe part :p. Sorry Aikar :/
  8. Nation, we are in a crisis.
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  9. He doesn't like the babee part of the name either. I mean, even if we did name her that, we'd probably leave that part of the name off and just call her Boxxy anyways.
  10. Boxy is a good name without the babee, sorry;)
  11. It should be Bob The Tomato! Or at least Bob!
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  12. How about no ;)
  13. How about yes ;)
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  14. yeah Im against the babee part :p Just plain Boxxy!
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  15. you guys are crazy... colbert is obviously the better choice here.
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  16. Name it SWM.
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  17. not even your full name.. just Es Double-U Emm XD
  18. what about Colboxxy
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  19. i like this... as it is closer to colbert... but i still like colbert more...
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