What shop would you want?

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  1. Hey guys! I recently sold my old shop (which was still under construction), because I wanted to start fresh, and not make a megastore like I did earlier. The address was 15200. I already have my new plot, but don't know what kind of store I should make. So, I came to a conclusion that I wanted the community to help me out. Please, tell me what kind of store you will shop at. It could be any kind of shop, but I'm not sure I'm going to be a building supply shop, because its too much competition. But still, tell me what kind of shop you would shop at. Have fun!
  2. A big one, fair prices and always in stock. It has to look GREAT too :)
  3. Perfection is hard to come by.
  4. On SMP2 it isn't. :)
  5. Ok. Well, now I know I have to have one with great prices and well organized. Now, what type would you guys want? I want to focus on one thing, not a megastore sort of thing.
  6. All successful stores are megastores..
  7. That's not true. I've seen many successful stores that just specialize in certain items.
  8. I wouldn't agree with that either. I have a friend (which I'm not going to name) which has a specialized store, and is very successful. I don't think you have to build a megastore to be successful. It's like the real world, if you look at Target and Wal-Mart, they both are very successful stores, and their megastores, but you also look at something like, Starbucks, or Sleep Train, or even GameStop, they all specialize in something, Starbucks specializes drinks, Sleep Train specializes in mattresses, and GameStop specializes in video games, and their all very successful also.
  9. Fair enough guys, I'll restate that:

    All successful stores I know of are megastores. :)
  10. Ok, ok. Better stated. Haha! (I like your signature :D)
  11. I agree - his signature is epic....

    Anyhow; I'd think a store that focused on nether-items would be extremely successful -Glowstone, Nether-bricks, and fences, Netherwart, Mod-drops.
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