What Server Do You Think I SHould Put My "SGM" Mega Store On?

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New mega store on Smp2 Or Smp9

Smp2 6 vote(s) 42.9%
Smp9 8 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. Hello Everyone!! Today I was thinking which server should I put my new mega store on...The choice is between smp2 and smp9....Which one do you think needs a new mega store or just a mega store in general? I know some of you are gonna say both servers have enough as it is but right now from what I have seen, they seem like the two most popular servers and I also have some nice reses close to spawn on both....So you pick smp2 or smp9??
  2. I would like smp2, but it has many shops already, If you would like competition then smp2 is for you.

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  3. I say smp9. It is my home server and it has a lack of huge stores. I can't speak for smp2 though.
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  4. I just did :p
  5. I see that. lol
  6. I would go with Smp9 because all the new players will go there since the other servers dont have as many free residences.
  7. Well since Herbrin3's store is closed, smp9
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  8. C'mon man, do SMP3. I know it isn't a answer to the poll but the economy on SMP3 is the worst, bringing in another mega-mall could help this.
  9. But if there are not that many players and the economy is bad why would I move to a server were I wont make money Ik my signature says "SMP 3 for life" but I have been on there forever and I could never find a way to make money.....
  10. I already Have a res on there right by the emc shop...but yeah your right the new players to migrate there..
  11. Well, if you think about it, it doesnt matter because the EMC shop is overpriced because it sells stuff fro when you really need it.
  12. Well Maybe not a Mega-Mall, but a shop that stays in stock like I'm trying to do.
  13. No the the reason its near there is because its close to spawn and all the new players wondering around town will see it and also the ones in the EMC Shop will see my res and explore...
  14. What? Im not sure I understand what youre saying.
  15. I fixed it read it again..
  16. Whats wrong with them exploring after they see your res?
  17. *Face Palm* Never mind...Thats not what I said...
  18. This is what you said. I know Im misinterpreting it, but its unclear.
  19. No I did not lol???
  20. You did say that. That was one of the original things I questioned.