What sells the best?

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  1. Ok so I am either building a mall or a specialization shop. So i need your opinion on a specialization shop. What items sell the best and what items do you buy the most? Please keep all posts on topic and if you have any other questions or concerns just pm me. :D please give me your feedback ;)
  2. Ink sacks, glowstone and hardened clay. Most megamalls are out of stock on these items.
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  3. Agreed.
  4. I think an awesome specialized shop would be an enchant shop

    I tend to buy things such as glass, stone, gold, diamond, and quartz the most
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  5. Things like wither skulls are rather easy to get, go for a few k each, but there's minimal demand for them. I'd agree with the gs/hc/is thing.
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  6. Dyes, mob drops, the small misc things that I can never find.
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  7. Things you'll find on the first 2 floors of my stores, like stone, wood, gems/ingots and other building materials. The rest are still popular, but not like the basic MC necessities :)
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  8. So pretty much basic necessitites?
  9. And some specialized items, like the ones stated above (dyes, glowstone, mob drops etc.) If you have the basic necessities and specialized items in stock for a reasonable price, you should find that your shop will be successful. :)
  10. Ok well thanks. :D
  11. what do you guys think of something like a mini mall? something that specializes in some items and stays in stock? any name ideas for it? because mini mall is boring :p
  12. The FPSS? Flaming Potato Specialty Shop?
    Instead of donation blocks being dirt (like buying 1 dirt for 250r) it could be baked potatoes. :p
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  13. Netherrack with a item framed baked potato on it and having the netherrack set on fire would look epic :3
  14. leather, ink sacs, glowstone, and gunpowder
  15. For basic necessities don't sell iron because there is way too much competition and you will not make a profit. If you want to sell diamonds I will buy as many as you have, just PM me.
  16. I love it! the donation idea
  17. Building supplies. Cheapish smooth stone, wooden planks, leaves, glass, brick, clay.
    Mob drops. Sulphur, bones, arrows, enderpearls (would have to be inexpensive).
    Enchantments. All major books, as well as some lower leveled ones.
    Colored goods. Dyes, wools, hardened clay, and (post 1.7) stained glass.
    Any really, that's priced better than big shops will have business.
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