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  1. Aaron and I recently spent a few hours arguing on Facebook with a few people who were completely against animal captivity of any kind... I managed to keep my cool for the whole time, while having to correct EVERY "fact" they came up with. I finally got fed up, dropped to their level temporarily to post some immature meme, then left. Aaron then posted this as his status...

    "There are two kinds people in this world who just aggravate me to no end: Hypocrites and people who don't take 10 seconds to look up the facts about their argument but who are just obviously right 100% of the time."

    I want to take the time to say to everyone out there in the EMC community: Do not be one of these people. Think critically, use facts, and remember that, to paraphrase Neil deGrasse Tyson, if an argument lasts more than 5 minutes, both sides are wrong. Either you're wrong, or you're still arguing with someone who's too thickheaded to realize that they're wrong. If it's the second case, you shouldn't have gotten into it in the first place. That is all :)
  2. Soooo Jordan and Aaron :p I knows your namessssssssssssss :D
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  3. I completely agree with you, but sometimes it's better to unwind with an arguement. Sure you should always use facts, very good point there, but remember, if one person believes something sometimes you should leave them alone, but if they are completely wrong, they could get themselves in trouble. That is all.
  4. one thing I hate is when someone else starts an argument I am the one that gets in trouble and they don't...
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  5. We started the 'argument' to correct the blatant ignorance of a petition they were promoting, and they took it as us attacking their beliefs on animal treatment. Then it just degraded from there. The issue with them is that they proposed a question, not a statement, then backed it up with a useless fact about an animal that wasn't even present at the event that caused the petition. It was complete ludicrousness.
  6. You should have posted the video of me throwing Minecraft puppies into a giant hole.
  7. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I might just go do that ;)
  8. I would like to see said thread if that is done. Haha.
  9. Suppose this would be a good place for my FB link as well: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003819012420

    To all: Make sure if it's not obvious, to let me know you're from EMC if you send a friend request. :p
  10. That could be arranged ;)
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  12. I deleted my old one and just made this one the other day. Much faster than doing a friend purge, lol.

    Only thing is, I'm now stuck with the non-timeline format and not sure how to update, lol.
  13. you should draw hair on on your head for your profile picture :3 just a suggestion x3
  14. You know, 87.6% of people make up facts on the spot and only 34% are somewhat true.
  15. You know, according to a study, 98.2% of scientists at NASA agree that adding decimal places to a percentage, referencing vague studies, and referencing reputable organizations add credibility to a "fact".
  16. Well, I've heard if you're holding an egg plant whilst telling someone facts, 94% of the time the facts will be true.
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  17. Timeline will be a forced thing in a few days...
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  18. also, I wonder how many more hours I'm banned for... (This has been the most productive 2 days of my college career, just for the record)

    UPDATE: 8 hours... hopefully I'll be asleep by then...
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