What plugin does EMC use for banning?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by sgx2000, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. and is there a way, out of curiosity, to pull a complete list of all the banned players?
  2. Confidential
  3. You'd have to ask a mod.
  4. Well you can find all the players banned for a few months last year in the empire graveyard. Otherthan that you need to ask Aikar or Justin for the ban list.
  5. That is why when someone is banned the server announces it in chat...
  6. The plugin is Empire. Good luck getting a list unless you feel like /p-ing every member listed on the members page - although I think there's a list on Square for the staff.
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  7. Hmmmm There was a Thread about this couple of months ago about banned player and what they did. I leave the task to Jack to find it. :p good luck lol
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  8. i appreciate all of you who don't know the answers responding to this... but i posted this in the Help forum so that an admin would answer when they saw it

    i'm mainly just curious if they use the "mcbans" plugin or if it's something else
  9. I think it's custom. Never seen it. I think it is in the /p plugin, but you'd have to ask a mod.
  10. Im pretty sure they dont use a plugin with a universal list. If they did, the player data would already be in the system. You could /p anyone who is banned, and even if they havent been on the server, they would appear. I tried doing /p storm_surge months ago, and nothing came up.