What Minecraft Servers have to do with capitalism and how we need to move on.

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  1. Capitalism rules almost 100% of the world we live in. Minecraft rules 100% the world WE live in. Those are very bold statements that rarely can be denied. But in the other hand, the relationship between minecraft servers and capitalism is not only this two statements, and it goes far apart from minecraft servers handling their economy based on the capitalist model.

    The true relationship is that Minecraft servers handle their whole business and game model based on the capitalist socio-economy model.

    If you ask yourself, most of the minecraft servers either keep evolving every day and providing new experiences to their users or just go with a single model that never changes and eventually becomes boring or ends up with a high rotation on the user base, which if I'm not wrong IS happening here as a fact, I say that because of all those "bye bye" threads and status posts and forums. Well, call it convenience or maybe tradition, that's what happens right here at EMC. Don't get me wrong, I love this server, I know in fact that awesome projects can be carried on right here and I'll continue to support you guys for some more time, but because I love you I tell you what you might wanna change in order to be better (that's what you do with friends, right?)

    In order to put you in context, I'll tell you some about a server I was visiting yesterday with some friends. I won't say the name so that you don't consider this advertising, but let's say it was a decent server. It had what most people nowadays likes on EMC: Lots of wild area to be discovered and conquered, it also had economy, exp grinders, groups (factions actually) and some other similarities to EMC. The only difference is that it had PVP. But it not only had PVP, admins got to the task of creating different arena maps with prizes, different structures and even a board of the best at the time (streak killers). Now, I won't say that I will stay on that server or that I want to leave this one, both servers are different, but you know in which one I had more fun for a little amount of time? Well, I guess that shaving sheeps and grinding exp is not as fun as having the leaderboard on a killstreak board and compete in a fun way with your friend (that was right at my side in my house).

    So that's where the capitalism goes into place. As the only final objective for a human is to be happy, the task that capitalism plants to itself is make people happy (with stuff) so that this people can work and provide stuff that makes other people happy. This doesn't work 100% but it has proven to us that is the best way to go, in our society.

    So I believe we should move on, evolve into a model that is constantly changing and looking for other radical ways to make people happy. Not only because this is supposed to be entertaining, also because happy people love to use their wallet to get some more of that.

    I hope I can get with this to Aikar, Maxarias and all the staff, I've got some great ideas for this server and this business model that could help you thrive (even more) in minecraft. I win my life by providing solutions to companies, from small 10 person companies to multi-nationals that want the best marketing possible to sell more and be better. All this accomplished with my creative and development team and with, obviously, my lead. So if I get a 20 minutes voice chat with you guys, I could give and explain not only ideas, projects, developments and business model changes that would not only help you grow as a business, but also help me (and every other EMC member) get what everyone wants the most when off work/school: A great minecraft server to play with friends. Please, let me know if this is possible.
  2. "Having to capture a new costumer is 6 times more expensive than retaining current ones" - Olivier Blanchard (ROI and macroeconomics expert), Congreso Iberoamericano de Social Media (I organized that event :D)
  3. Interesting statements/ideas.
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  4. From the title, at first I thought you were suggesting that we convert to communism haha.

    Currently, we are servers that love the economy aspect, but in the background, they are developing new ways for fun, such as games and challenges. Also in the future, there is going to be a Dysotopia like server, and/or a PvP server.

    The reason that these servers come off as economy servers is because that is the image the players have created, and has little to do with the staff group.
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  5. My answer to the question? What do love most bout' EMC... hmm... everything!
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  6. we had PVP at one time or another, but it was removed by popular demand I believe don't quote me on that..
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  7. There never was PvP, but it is on a possibility list in the future. Of course, it would be completely separate from the regular SMPs:)
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  8. yes, me and a banned player use to think that there was pvp but apparently about 1 or 2 weeks later we heard pvp was removed, apparently it was never there, but PvP would be a gamble, people would leave EMC yet people would join Emc because of it, I get it if it would be on a different server but, what would be so special? it would just be a wild where people would kill each other for fun... maybe EMC could bring an Arena Pvp aspect to the servers maybe you wouldn't lose your stuff when you die in that specific area its just who ever wins could get a prize, it would be a win win...
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  9. I have a few issues of this:

    First of all, have you looked through the tracker? New things are added pretty regularly, and things change frequently, including players (for better or worse). We will NEVER be a single modeled server, we have so many different elements of so many different things it is really a gem that's getting shined. And we will continue to shine.
    Other than that, I can say to you, the empire is already what you call 'capitalist'. But you know how new things get into the server? By suggesting them ourselves. In essence we strive towards each other's perfection. Which won't happen, but keep striving.
  10. Hey thanks for the feedback, but I'd say we've had a mix of both. I have been changing emc quite a lot, and that upset some people, because they would of preferred it how it use to be.

    The other side of losses is going to mostly be due to the delay in releasing things we've told the public is coming.

    These delays have mostly been out of my control but just hard to explain them in ways everyone understands.

    Then finally I'd say lack of players on some servers will make some leave too when they feel empty.

    #3 we've made great effort into improving,
    #2 making good effort here too, specially With bringing development help on
    #1 sadly we will not be able to please since lots of new things are coming, but we hope people will at least give it a chance and like it :)
  11. Feel free to email me any specific ideas or post to suggestions forum. The new features really are targeting giving the older players new and reoccurring things to do to keep everyone interested
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  12. Communism is a good idea,the only reason that the US hates communism is that Stalin was the one killing people not communism...
  13. :D:D:D:D:D
    Communism would be a perfect, wonderful system if it weren't for the human element. In a system where everyone had an equal amount of everything, and were equal in every way, would be great. But the issue is corruption. Corruption infects everything, and corruption in a communist state is much worse than corruption in a capitalist state. In a communist state, corruption has much, much more control over the people. In a capitalist state, corruption has little control over the people.
  14. Not exactly,there is corruption here and greed, look at Walmart,every time someone dies in the company, Walmart gets 1k from the health care. (I don't want to have a fight just a talk about Communism)
  15. Not a fight, just a discussion. :p The issue lies with where the corruption is. In communism, the high probability area of corruption is the government. At that point, the corruption hurts everyone. The corruption in capitalism lies within the government and businesses. But the effect of government corruption is minimal due to how the government system is, and the corruption within businesses hurts a much smaller group than the population as a whole.
  16. Would be a pleasure, got the chance to talk with Maxarias earlier today about some ideas but I'm having a brainstorm that will definitelly will need to be written.

    Didn't catch your email tho, where should that be?

  17. Contact button at the bottom will reach me.
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  18. Great, I'll have that in mind :)