What makes EMC one of the best out there?

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What makes EMC awesome?

Awesome mods/admins 8 vote(s) 32.0%
The Freedom 3 vote(s) 12.0%
The friendliness 7 vote(s) 28.0%
Its Not Awesome! 0 vote(s) 0.0%
None of the Above 7 vote(s) 28.0%
  1. Well? Is it the no PVP?
    The friendly neighbors?
    The huge plots?
    The freedom?
    The awesome mods/admins?
    The fact that everyone follows the rules?

    What makes EMC awesome to YOU?

    Also: My modeling.

  2. Wheres the button for Being Epic?
  3. That Im on the server. :p

    I say its everything, including your sexy pictures.
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  4. Yay! Everyone likes my modeling! :-D
  5. i couldn't find a button for the first three =(
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  6. I think I might model more. :-D
  7. wheres the button for "used to be" ? before the 10x worse lag and all redstone work beeing fubar that is.
  8. Why? Because it's the Empire. "Nuff said.
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  9. Yeah, it... Is.... EMC...

    Nothing else
  10. That will be leaving, shortly. Very shortly. :)
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  11. We haven't got another coperfield have we? EMC used to be good now let's go play my crappy server

    EMC FTW nuff said
  12. I would hope...
  13. I wish I could vote for multiple options. I went for the mods/admins as they really saved our *donkey* at the recent LLO griefings.
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  14. EMC isn't epic. The only reason I still hang around is the amazing community.