What makes a gong sound?

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  1. I'm in an mine and I heard a gong sound. I am hiding. I heard footsteps, but I'm afraid to see what it is.
  2. Maybe someone spawned a wither somewhere on the server? Maybe it's herobrine?
  3. > my mindset when first playing minecraft
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  4. The gond sound always freaks me out! :eek:
  5. it's safe, just a sound effect
  6. Odd, I thought gongs were being added in 1.7.
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  7. What up with the gongs anyone. They're creepy. :confused:
  8. I was just listening to music disk "c418-13" and it sounds kind of like the gong sound i heard earlier.
  9. It just means you are close to an extremely large, dark area. Usually happens around the super tall crevices. Occasionally around dark room spawners.

    Or...the staff is following you! :p Just kidding.
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