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  1. MY house just got burned down! My friend called me and said that my house was burning so i got on and I saw fire. This just happened I'm on smp6 my adrress is 12581. This is my only residence and it took me a while to build everything. I'm a fairly new player but i had big dreams, I built a store and was building apartments as well.

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  2. Did you give out perms or had a fireplace?
  3. My guess is you had a fire or fireplace somewhere and didn't have your firespread flag off. Has happened to the best of us. :(
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  4. No i didn't give out any perms, I think that it was a lava dispenser i had in my basement. The fire damage seems to be around the area i had my lava in.
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  5. Hmm... you used oak planks right?
  6. Wow thanks for all the help and support guys, when i got on i freaked but after all the kind donations and help I know i'll be able to fix the mess in no time! Glad i joined EMC really has the nicest people. :)
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  7. All I have to say is HI FIVE Mac USER!!!!!!;):cool::D
  8. Yea this is the way to be about macs!
    I'll hifive you to!
  9. /res set firespread f
    /res set ignite f
    Make sure it doesn't happen again.
  10. what do those commands do?
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  11. Firespread makes sure fire doesnt spread to any other flammable blocks, im not sure what /ignite f does
  12. Lava can't set fire to flammable blocks.
  13. alright ill set firespread false thanks
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