What just happen?!????

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  1. So i was in the wild, i was grinding some zombies, and then i took a afk break for 10 min, then i found i was dead? But the afk rules says that i get disconect or die if i am more than 30 min without moving. And worst i lost all my stuff!!! So yeah, can some one help me because, i will just go and murder someone, twice because i just lost like 100k in armour and weapons. So yeah, hate my life hate this, and yeah.
  2. Maybe a mob killed you while you were AFK? im not sure sorry :/
  3. There was no mob! There was no mob that could kill me, nothing, there was light every where, the zombie could not glitch out, nothing!
  4. Ask an admin to check the chat logs to see how you died.
  5. It wasn't the server that killed you.
  6. 6 minutes ago
    - generalfelino015 hit the ground too hard

    26 minutes ago
    - generalfelino015 was slain by Zombie
  7. I swear to the thing i don't belive, there was no zombie! Nothing! I was there i saw it, i died randomly!!!!
  8. Teleporting to the area and taking a look around, it appears that you fell onto the one block between lava and water. I assume that a zombie/other mob pushed you off. There was a zombie nearby.

    EDIT: Zombie spawner nearby. Zombie baby running around...
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  9. Hehehe, i can explain that part, spawned in the wastelands, bed thingy there. Then i decided to get back my stuff, got 3 fire potions, 16 ender pearls and 32 potatos. Then i got back and didn't find nothing. So i decided to ender pearl suicide :D. But still there was nothing!!!
  10. Yeah...death by zombie baby then...
  11. also, baby zombie could not hit me, i was in a strange bunker thingy made up of dirt, that then i destroyed to find my armour that wasn't there.
  12. Are you OK man? Do you need to see a psychiatrist? This all seems very screwed up to me :/
  13. Maybe it was.... Obama
    Jk maybe a mob glitched out and had a snack on your flesh
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  14. It's always Obama...
  15. image.jpg
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  16. He's killed everyone atleast once xD
  17. Your glad were in America :p
  18. Obama isn't lol :p
  19. Obama is president of America