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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by MeVoid, Feb 6, 2013.

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  1. Hello Emc,

    Well.. anyway i want to start off by saying ive had a great time messing with the staff on this server, It all started a long time ago when this account got banned (MeVoid) i really wanted to play on the server back then so i had to do anythinggg just to get unbanned (4th or 5th time) So i looked around and found an account (varkz) and i played for a while until that one got banned, i had the same IP as the account before and yet i still seemed to not get caught for "Alternate accounts of banned player" Then after being banned on that one i found another (Captainkittykins) and played for like 30 days got really the only thing i actually wanted to do and that was get like top 5 in leader boards(Actually just hit a mil) and so no im done with emc after being banned yet again.. lol Aikar i thought you would catch on from Void to varkz but ehh i guess not not that obvious i guess.. but anyway all the following members are me:

    (more to come, maybe;))

    Special "note" for TheSpyPie,
    It was fun playing with you when i was on my MeVoid account i tried not to let it slip that i was Void when talking to you on my other accounts loll

    This isnt a thread talking crap about emc, the only reason ive ever been banned is for flying, so i dont see how i hurt anyone too bad :rolleyes: but this is the last post you'll ever see from me... Or is it?

    Goodbye EMC, Until next time (;

    PS: IP banning me isnt going to do a whole lot, sense you've already tried it on varkz, not that i want to return cause im losing interest in games, but anywho, it was fun when it was fun EMC.

    Also im not bashing on Aikar, he is really cool and Maxarias as well, they seemed to be the only ones to ever catch me (Chickeneer i saw you behind me on Utopia when i was getting the sand you forgot to vanish and you appeared right on top of me i played it off though)

    Miss you all! (yes i know this is in grey)

    до свидания
  2. Wow you did that to play EMC? Addiction eh? Well all the best in the future :)
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  4. Banned three times for the same thing? Seriously?
  5. I find it stupid that you can get yourself banned 3 times.
    you shouldn't be allowed on EMC
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  6. Oh, so you where CaptainKitty?! Illegal mods huh? -_-
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  7. Desperate need for attention. Disregard for authority. Disrespect for the community. Goodbye.
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  8. you guys are a little harsh, yes he did use alternate accounts lied to the moderators and used the same mods on all his accounts and got banned but what does that matter?
  9. You realize I can ban your entire City right >_> ?
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