What Items Would YOU Buy?

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  1. Im trying to find something that EVERYONE will buy. Any suggestions?
  2. Dia....... Dammit Curundu. :D
  3. Anything else?
  4. I mean something more easy to get im trying to find an efficient way to get rupees.
  5. Yes - wood. People always need wood but you'll sell out faster than you can restock it.
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  6. And just so you know im talking about smp2.
  7. I tried that no one bought it
  8. What? Then something is wrong somewhere. Either your price is too high or hour not advertising hard enough across the servers.

    The easier way to make R is find a store that buys and sell to them.
  9. You can also hold wood auctions. A double-chest of wood logs (any kind) goes for about 5k
  10. Hmm. Great idea thanks for the feedback :D
  11. Does anyone think people would buy stone bricks?
  12. Sure, everyone needs smooth stone and stone brick
  13. But really, diamonds.
  14. If there were tacos than definitely tacos.
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  15. Glass is good too :)
  16. Not better than tacos though.
  17. Lapis, Gold, Diamonds, Glass, Sand, Sandstone, Stone, Wood, Sponges
  18. I wood say a potato
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  19. Woods, Ores, and Stones are the most popular items, and iron is kinda popular you only get about 18k for a DC of ingots tho.