What is youre favorite thing about Minecraft 1.3.1?

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  1. First of all before i posted this i looked threw other forum post to see if someone else posted something like this and i didn't c anything so if i missed one I'm extremely sorry I'm not trying to be rude.The only reason i say this is because i had one person get mad at me for doing this with my How were you introduced to EMC?.
    Hi this is ditilwick and I'd love to see other peoples opinions of MC 1.3.1.So please share about it i think others are interested to.So my favorite thing has to be trading with villagers.:D

    Oh here are my other post on how were you etc.
    How were you introduced to EMC? http://empireminecraft.com/threads/how-were-you-introduced-to-epireminecraft.12781/
    How were you introduced to minecraft? http://empireminecraft.com/threads/how-were-you-introduced-to-minecraft.3895/
  2. My favorites are writable books and jungle temples.
  3. I like the... blocks. I can't just like one thing. I have to like it all. I even like those things that blow up. My most favorite thing is... all of EMC.
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  4. The fact that it doesn't have mosquitos in it.
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  5. Soul just chase them until you catch them.
    Kill them, problem solved.
    (tip, hit them really hard with the book, show no mercy)
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  6. Probably the new inventory and the "cheats"!
  7. I like... EVERYTHING
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  8. Can't...chose...everythings...boss!!!