What is your pre-creative ritual?

Discussion in 'Writers' Corner' started by Green_Mystery, Nov 3, 2014.

  1. I find that everyone has a favorite song to listen to, or have their workspace set up a certain way. We turn these on, unwind and let the creative process take it's course. My question is also the thread name, what is your ritual before you start writing, or drawing, or building in MC?

    Me: I always work at my computer desk when I start to write. Sometimes I'll relax my mind with either coffee or nicotine. Coffee is good, nicotine bad so don't do like I do. Moving on, my desk is kind of a disheveled mess, reflecting my ADD I suppose. All I need to write is my keyboard so it's no big deal. Moving on, I always put on my favorite song to keep me focused. You're probably going to laugh at me here, but I always put on Godot's - Fragrance of Dark Coffee. I use the same song for writing, reading, or drawing. Usually I draw the traditional way. Always carrying my black sketchbook and my pencils with me. When I can, I will either set up a workspace on my bed or at my computer desk, usually depends on if I want to use a reference or not.

    So there you have it. That's how I get my creative juices flowing, how about you, EMC? :)
  2. The main thing is to feed the cats so they leave me and my Lucky Charms alone. That's about all the ritual I need.