What is your favorite TV show?

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  1. There are many television shows out in the world. Historical documentaries, soap operas, comedies, television movies. So I ask you, the EMC Community, What is your favorite television show?
  2. Well I have a couple, my favourite probably being The Walking Dead and Friends (old but gold :p) I also like Storage wars and The middle. It's funny that all I really watch is american shows, I don't really like many British shows :p
  3. South Park and DBZ. Recently I found out that Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell is being turned into a BBC miniseries. I am so stupidly excited for this, even though I know it is probably going to suck.
  4. The Walking Dead, Cops/Cops Reloaded, Duck Dynasty and Fat Cops :)
  5. The Middle, Warehouse 13, Once upon a time, Merlin, Continuum, Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, HMTV (Home TV improvement stuff :p) And some others :p
    I like a lot of shows >_<
    (sometimes regular show, and adventure time :3)
  6. Black Butler, but I also really like MLP.
  7. Yay The middle friends lol, infact i'm watching it right now :p
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  8. Doctor Who, Supernatural, south park, family guy, simpsons, NCIS, NCIS LA, Law and order SVU, ald many others I am unable to remember.
  9. Walking Dead, The Simpsons (old episodes, like 90's to the movie. Gone downhill since), NCIS LA, Suits, Duck Dynasty, Sons of Anarchy, South Park
  10. Criminal Minds, Ghost Hunters, Blue Bloods, Pawn Stars, I could go on.