What is your favorite myth/legend?

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what is your favorite myth/legend?

Slenderman 6 vote(s) 28.6%
smile dog 1 vote(s) 4.8%
bloody mary 2 vote(s) 9.5%
other (please specify if you choose this option) 12 vote(s) 57.1%
  1. please no scary videos and/or pictures or links to them. thank you :)
  2. Mine has to be the Egyptain God legend.

    Once upon a time , there was a 2 person named Nut and Geb. They got married , and Ra , the god of the sun , didnt allow it. They forbidded them to get married. So , Nut started to gamble with the moon god , and every time she won , she got some moonlight. She got enough moonlight that she created 5 new days ( back then , there was only 360 days , which is the degrees in a full circle , which is called a "rotation" ) The 5 days were the days that the babies were borned. There names were Isis , Horus , Set , Orsisis , and Nepth- forgot that one. Anyways , when Set became evil , he killed Orsisis , which became Lord of the Dead. Horus wanted to avenge his brother , and fought Set. Horus eventually won , but Set ran. Isis tried to stop Horus , but he became so mad that he chopped her head off. Thoth , the god of knowledge , tried healing her and successfully healed her.

    This is true to many Egyptains. :)
  3. my fav is is real. its not bigfoot or something like that. take a guess. it may or may not have something todo with video games. it also has the letters : e,a,c,m,t : in it.
  4. What the hell is smile dog?
  5. i'm not good at unscrambling words!! just please tell us what it is!
  6. smile dog is a photo of a dog with a human-like smile. any who see the photo is rumored to go insane and die.
  7. ill ad 2 it has the letters e,a,c,m,t,r,i for those who saw my slipup, plz do not tell what it is. thank you.
  8. kinda just shat myself. i may ( i did ) scream when i saw it. i then looked out my window. which WAS next to me.
  9. So at my school, there was a girl who died in the bathroom (I learned a girl actually did). It was LONG ago, and people claim to see her in the bathroom. She hit her head on the wall I think, but people say she was MURDERED D:
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  10. stupid way to die if you ask me. all the more reason to put cameras in the bathroom. i never use the school bathroom anyway, its not like i would hack the school's camera stuff again :p
  11. can i just post the link to smile dog for those who dont know what it is? ( ill replace this post with it ) itll be pretty funny to be scrolling thinking there wont be pictures and then you shit yourself.
  12. just read up on the smile dog legend, freaky but is it a good thing or a bad thing i stared at the pictures. turns out the picture is fake xD

    i opened it in my enhancer software ( its a foreign language and i cant spell it unless i stare at it )

    look at it, edited some, that hand, its one of those window stickers you get at halloween time. the smile, notice how its not as blurry as the rest of the picture, and it was blurred out, not fuzzy. this is one of those things that facinates me as i always can figure if its fake or not xD
  13. sorry no but you can start your own thread about it
  14. that photo is by the the SCARIEST i have EVER seen in my life D:
  15. meh....
  16. I just googled smile dog. That wasn't scary at all, it was just stupid looking.
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  17. The legend that is known as EMC. :)
  18. The nightmare of nfell2009. Once many years ago a child name Nicholas was normal he went to school and other rubbish but one day, he took the wrong way home. He went into the wrong house and never came out. It is said his name was changed while in there to nfell2009 and now he haunts everyone around the world giving them nightmares as they sleep. Causer of disrupted sleep patterns
  19. Slenderman?
    The person who comes and grabs children and kills them, its not real :p

    My post was deleted..?
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