What is your favorite cereal?

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  1. The title says everything. What cereal you eat i the morning, day, night, upside down, etc. Tel me in the posts below plz :D
    Example: My favorite cereal is Choco Krispis
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  2. Fruity pebbles.
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  3. Honey bunches of oats!
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  4. I eat coco puffs upside down, captain crunch at night, and cinnamon toast crunch in the morning
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  5. Normally Cocoa Pebbles
    tehsami's favorite is Capn' Crunch
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  6. I don't eat cereal and I'm lactose intolerant.
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  7. You don't have to eat cereal with milk
    I eat cheerios for practice but i enjoy reese's cereal although I never eat them
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  8. I could. But cause I can't havnt milk I have boycotted cereals. Number one selling cereal is cinnamon toast crunch
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  9. Whoop Whoop!
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  10. I love Lucky Charms but they're a nightmare to get hold of/unbelievably exspensive in the UK... last time I was in the US I bought home two huge boxes XD
  11. Gota love those Lucky charms... Full of sugar. Either Cheerios or Corn flakes :3
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  12. Sweet, its my favorite too
  13. OK, I feel a bit odd now, but here goes...
    My favorite 'commercial' cereal is Peanut Butter Captain Crunch! <--not that I often eat this.
    My favorite non-commercial is granola. <-- more often.

    PB Captian.jpg

    Now, who all thinks that this is what Kephras eats? (Well, if tigers were to eat cereal ;))
    frosted flakes.jpg
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  14. Ever try hemp milk? Or the next best thing, almond milk?
    I purchase a load of hemp milk as it is tasty, and goes great on cereal too!
  15. mine is raisin bran :p
  16. ANY cereal and it's great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and of course, bear baiting.

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  17. Cocoa pops or maybe Frosties, depending on what we have :D
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  18. Ever been to one of those retro sweet shops here? They always do them :p