What is with this login thing?

Discussion in 'Empire Help & Support' started by matjam360, Sep 8, 2012.

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  1. Its gives me a weird code and players are on but I cant log on
    Whats is with this Login Thing?
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  2. Edit the picture out. It contains personal info. Ask a mod to remove it or edit it yourself
  3. Session servers are down.
    wait like 30 minutes for them to be fixed.
  4. Thank goodness it is not my computer! Yah I got that too. Yet I have great connection to all the servers.
  5. Me too time to delete MY thread on this!!
  6. Ah Ok But It says Players are on but I can;t login whats the deal?
  7. It was fixed now its screwed up again.
  8. That makes no sense to the connection problem
  9. nvm, it's saying bad login now
  10. Yep, bad log in or Log in error
  11. the minecraft session logins are like poopy pants
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  12. Whats Wrong With them? I can;t login!
  13. Same things happening again!!
  14. Go here. http://xpaw.ru/mcstatus/
    It's a Mojang issue. Session servers are down. Everyone still on servers on EMC were logged in when they went down.
  15. Minecraft Multi-player sessions are down according to the Minecraft.net Site
  16. Mojang Y SeVEr SeSSIon No WorK?
  17. Yea mojang
  18. raaaaaaaaaa i have a bowling ally i need to finish!
  19. Well it seems to have come back
  20. So Guys We can now log on I think
    EDIT Look so Now It seems session is out. May come back later
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