What is with skins...

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  1. That have 1 eye covered?I see tons of them but don't get why.
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  2. <like this one?
  3. Yes you and tons of other people.
  4. The practice of keeping hair organized is far too strenuous for most humans. It is not their fault.
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  5. And it's because players like me are trying best to make thier mc skin to look like thier fringe in real life.
    They might also do it because it looks kinda cool;)
  6. perhaps they had a tragic accident leaving one side of their face horribly disfigured and feel self conscious about it.
  7. That could be the case in real life but unless they are making thier minecraft skin look exactly like them in real life this probably wouldn't be the case. . .
  8. you mean there aren't people with pistons as heads in real life?! I feel so disillusioned.
  9. Haha very funny:D
  10. Maybe he is writing an epic post but if it isnt our business maybe he should tell us that.
  11. Well I think it's 'cause some people actualy have that hair or want to look cool!
    Though everyone has their own opinions :3
    Though my old skins had a creepy sorta Phantom of the Opera mask thing! xD
  12. My skin is the anonymous mask. WE ARE ANABLOCKMOUS!
  13. actually it's a guy fawkes mask.
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  14. Oh right! Thanks for pointing that out! :)
  15. My sister had her hair over one eye all the way through high school. As a matter of fact she only put makeup on the eye showing lmao
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  16. Bahahah :D
  17. ... I for once can't think of a reply.
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  18. :O
    Justin you have done it!
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  19. Actually I was just joking with my mother on the phone about this, and I forgot, for awhile she even only wore a contact in that eye (she needs contacts / glasses), ;)
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  20. i think it's clever. and practical.