What is this?

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  1. Its something like easter egg?
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  2. Try to mine the coal and see if it will produce another one, as for what is it I do not know
  3. its free materials! :D
  4. Diamond making machine?
  5. lolz... pressure, heat, time against coal = diamonds... xD
  6. It's diamonds. Everyone knows

    [EDIT: Must type faster]
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  7. a watch sat on top of a silk touch mined coal cube...
  8. does it actually work?
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  9. :rolleyes:
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  10. Yeah, but it takes about 25,000 years.

    [edit] On the bright side, those are Minecraft years which is only about 348 years IRL. And you don't even have to be logged on all that time provided there's another player who keeps that chunk loaded.
  11. What is this?
    First thought: Something to make you ask questions.

    I'm glad everyone else can clear it up. I'd be just as lost as you.
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  12. soooo can i use it in the empire?
  13. Very inresting! :{O
    TOTALY knew what that was at first! -coughnopehadnocluecough-
  14. I saw this on reddit... Its just a funny picture it won't actually work.
  15. only?
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  16. Sure, build as many as you want.
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