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  1. So i was out hunting creepers in the wild to get gunpowder and i came across something i didnt know what it was can anyone explain
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  2. It's a zombie with a shovel. Mobs will pick up dropped items or will hold a possibly rare drop in their hand.
  3. the zombie holding an iron spade who's clearly just dug a nice big hole? or the zombie on the horizon running towards you to eat your brains :p
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  4. why does he have a shovel
  5. Well I would guess he was out digging one day, and that zombie on the horizon bit him, thus making him one of the many new undead. But still wielding his trusty shovel which he used so often for digging.
  6. He either picked it up or spawned with it. As of 1.4 they pick up items and can spawn with them - even armor.
  7. Zombies got a chance to spawn with extra gear following a recent update. And they will pick up your gear every if they kill you, making them even harder to kill.
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  8. why did one the other day have red eyes
  9. Check texture pack
  10. To dig up rest of his buddies of course.
  11. LOL the draugurs from Skyrim?
  12. If you kill the zombie will you get the shovel?
  13. Not always, but rarely you do unless the drop settings have been tampered with for server choice.

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  14. i was mining on my single player game last night, and i was hacking away at stone when a zombie DROPPED off a ledge above me and landed where i was mining.... he picked up my cobble... and beat me with it... once i killed him i got the drop back that he had stole, but that was the first time i was beat with cobble in minecraft. :confused:

    they are getting smarter... :eek:
  15. Here, look at my picture I saw. There is NO way this was dropped. Especially on a single player world.
  16. Zombies have a chance of using any random iron tool if it was dropped or if they spawned with it.
  17. Luckily for us, not as smart as Raptors, otherwise there would be no hope for the human race.

    As said before, Mobs have a chance of spawning with preset items. Imagine a die being rolled and its results choose from the preset list [NOTE this isn't the real list] (a 6 would be full enchanted armor, 5 random weapons/tools, 1-4 normal spawn)
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