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  1. i dunno bit i ahev eth same when i try to log in i think the minecraft server login is broken or down.
  2. Just try logging in the server again ;)
  3. Its actually a minecraft problem. EMC has no way to fix this.
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  4. I ahev just tryed to ply via minecrfat.net and it says tehre servers are working to hard or somthinga dn when it works you cannot log into servers there as well
  5. minecraft.net servers is down, :)
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  6. What is the minecraft-status adress again?
  7. the website id now down i cannot log in at all.
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  8. If you are not able to log in, just play outside or do SP survival
  9. yeh but i wanna play emc :(
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  10. Why is there a smile?! You cruel monster! :p
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  11. lol i just uninstalled my java and an re installing it thinking it wus my java
  12. Just so you all know, the servers are lovely without you all online. :) They run beautifully :D even from the Macdonalds I'm sat in poaching WiFi.
  13. No idea, you can google this: Is minecraft.net down and it will tell you, or whenever you get that massage the OP got will also tell you that MC servers is down =P
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  14. The link from nfell helped too, but there is a site for this!
  15. Dunno, never used it before :p
  16. Rob always helped me with this....
  17. thats the official one?

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