What is the rule about Building in the Frontier - distance to other players?

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  1. Looking for a rule about distance to build from other players. This is not about an outpost claim. It does not seem that a rule exists, that I can find. Just talking about walking into the Frontier and building.

    Example: someone built a hut or crafting area 5 years ago and went derelict. It's been creeper damaged. Now another player comes along and fixes up the area into a house with a door. Is this a case of griefing or just of 'normal' game play in the frontier?

    • How far away from someone else's blocks do you need to be to build?
    • If they build too close can you /report them?
    • How does staff want them reported?

  2. I would allow that takeover in your example. Why?
    • The build is minor, presumably only consisting of a few cheap blocks
      • The build is likely to not be missed if the builder returns
    • The player is derelict and long gone at that
    • The build was already damaged when the new player came along.
    • The new player did not have the intention of griefing. Griefers are a particular sub-type of players who rarely actively engage in the game
    This is not an encouragement for people to takeover builds. There is plenty of space to go around.

    If someone wants build rights and political control over a territory (namely 3000 blocks in any direction), then an outpost claim is the proper tool to achieve and enforce that.

    Otherwise, the Frontier has always been a public space, and if someone wants to build a house next to someone else, they can.

    There are a few cases that I can come up with where that might not apply. Note that this is not a list of criteria, but it is illustrative of what a staff member might have to consider.
    • Does the new build interfere with the existing one? For example, if you built a farm close to someone else's farm, I would want that moved because it affects the mechanics of the original farm.
    • Is the original player derelict? How long?
    • Does the new build contravene on the original build too closely? I have moved a build which was overhanging on someone else's pre-existing property.
    • Does the new build unreasonably prohibit the original builder from expanding? Perhaps they could just expand in another direction.
    • Is the new builder intentionally trolling?
    • How long has the new build been there before there was a complaint? Etc etc
    Etc etc.

    Oftentimes, multiple staff will converge to consider whether a build is in breach of another. A lot of factors and judgement goes into considering these cases. Their rarity and complexity is why there can't really be a hard and fast rule about build distances in the Frontier.

    Now, Krysyy may overrule me on all this and I will have to ashamedly nullify it, but that is my current thinking

    I hope that helps