What is the point of a hotel?

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  1. Hi guys,

    I am a fairly new member of EMC, and I see a lot of hotels around. Is there a point to these hotels? Why would somebody pay to rent a room? What are the perks?
    The only perk I can think of is to have a place to stay/store things on a server that isn't where your res is located. Is that it or am I missing something?

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  2. Yep
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  3. In my opinion, there is no point..

    Its the same as having a "Wuhuu 80's club for VIP's!"
    Come look at different colored wool and listen to random discs.
  4. Your second option is basically correct. It is the stance of the EMC staff however, that it is always a bad idea to rent a room to or from anyone on EMC. It's not something we actively patrol (would be way to difficult with our size) and the possibility for getting scammed on either end is high. We simply suggest if on another server, to use the /vault function and bring your items back to your home server/res.
  5. to keep stuff on a differant server... and just for the fun of it
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  6. If you want to 'rent' a room on another server, look for the free services provided by reputable members who have backup plans should you go absent for long periods.

    For example, on SMP7 in a long-running objective that'll see some RP missions when the books come in with the next update, I'll be setting up free room rental in the Arabian Market Taverna, based on a time span rather than a Rupees charge. So you can stay for free, for a pre-arranged number of weeks or months, at which point at a set time and date, your room will be reclaimed and all items put into storage until you return to claim them, so that someone else can take your room.

    Generally though, yeah, it's just to allow you to store stuff on other servers.
  7. Personally, I just like having a little decorated space of my (almost) own to conduct transactions or enchant or whatever if I'm out in the wilderness on my home servers...

    It's a little risky, sure, but it's not like it costs a ton or anything, so I don't mind.
  8. I own two hotels all are fully booked with people who just want somewhere to store or call it there area on a separate server and I don't charge allot at all *coughEclipsysCough* xD but yeah I even hand out free small rooms (well only free to the people who are resetting a residence and need a place to store items or just need a place to keep there stuff while they go to the wild/ they don't visit the server very often so they just keep it there and come when they want to play some EMC...
  9. Thanks for all of your responses. I think I started with a fairly accurate picture of the rental landscape. Thanks for confirming my thoughts.
    This is a great community. Best MC server I have seen :) with very active forums.

    Keep up the good work EMC.
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  10. you feel the same as 20+k other members :D well its true you cant get a better MC server than EMC
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  11. true dat squizzel :D I will never leave unless something dumb happens like I die or something jk :p
  12. Rival Guild staff/members getting along :confused: that there is proof EMC is great xD
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  13. oh wow ur in delta i didnt notice :p ehh im not that active in alpha anyways thinking bout making the switch :)
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  14. OK, way more than "storage"
    First, if you are a new player (like brand new) and you want a place to stay there is a hotel(s)
    Two, if you are taking a vacation in a different server, and you want s place to stay, there is a hotel(s)
  15. Oh and some people have crammed residences and don't have room for a house
  16. When I read this the first thing that popped into my head was the very thing my grandma used to say to me when I asked a question she couldn't answer, "To make you ask questions."

    I often ask what the point of these and hotels are but I guess I can kinda see the point after reading the thread.
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  17. I honestly don't know WHY people want hotel rooms. I mean, it's not like you NEED a room when you're on another server. One, you don't need to sleep, and 2, your home is just a few clicks away if you do. I just ride the wave and make some money with quality rooms.
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  18. i dont understand it eathetr its illogical
  19. There is no point in hotels but they LOOK cool and SOUND cool if you have one. But I think its a good way to get money.