What is the oldest thin you have from when you started EMC?

Discussion in 'Community Discussion' started by Mrlegitislegit, Jul 13, 2012.

  1. The item can not be your house.

    My oldest thing would probably be 10 golden apples I won at a auction.
  2. My oldest thing? Probably my wheat farm :)

    (All I do in my residence is farm, farm, farm, and have a shop that will soon turn into a windmill. Don't even have a house XD) :)
  3. Probably my jukebox and disc. When I first joined I was running into some issues. A Divine Bovine gave them to me when giving me some starter stuff. Might have be an accident, but I still have it.
  4. When I first got my residence- i dug down a dirt staircase and made a small room where i stashed my stuff. Although the dirt staircase is no longer existant... i still use the exact same area for my chests and furnaces. One of which might be really old because that is the only place i kept this all at.
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  5. I lost everything in a nether glitch....
  6. my oldest itemnis the signs i found on my res before i claimed it
  7. I have a cake that was a welcome gift. Can't quite bring myself to eat it :)
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  8. Mine is the first grass block that i got from someone cus they broke a chest next to me and i got 10 diamonds he then left forever so :D
  9. I"m guessing the floors at the M&D shop, The walls ,roof and new levels are always being redesign but the wooden floors have never changed
  10. where is M&D and what is it? you talk about it but i have never seen anything about
  11. smp5 10181 and the 3 res right outside of it. Production is low because Murrgetter working all the time and Me always at LLO
  12. so what are you? your a company that does what??
  13. A Logging Company, the sig says it :)
  14. yeah so you sell or buy or let people swap or do you have lots of trees and let people chop down? details xD
  15. haha what is this high school talk jk, Are tree farm is at 10241, we have two trusted workers you have build true but Murrgetter and I do the most of the chopping. Thats about it been smp5 since beginning like TheController trade shop