What is the most active EMC server?

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Favorite Smp World

Smp1 14 vote(s) 46.7%
Smp2 6 vote(s) 20.0%
Smp3 3 vote(s) 10.0%
Stay on Smp4 7 vote(s) 23.3%
  1. I am thinking of switching servers cause smp4 is getting kind of boring. What are some fun servers?
  2. Smp2 is a great place with lots of daily active players including meh :D
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  3. Utopia is definitely the most active(Sarcasm). Smp1 is prob the 2nd best server
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  4. We would like another smp3 player. It's often quite around there.
  5. Well that sucks :mad: smp8s not on there
  6. I know i failed and accidentally clicked enter.
  7. Ya right *rolls eyes*
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  8. Well since there is no SMP8 on there :p ill choose "None of the above!!!!!" Lol
  9. You are wanted on smp8 :I
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  10. LOL Im sorry so far in the wild on smp8 havent been in town in 4 weeks.. :(
  11. Smp2 seems to have the best economy, but smp6 is all round friendly.
  12. SMP4 has no/little beggers because we look after each other everyone is friendly and we have many great buildings and you should stay, although I can say I dont this I have seen you playing? unless I have but forgot xD but yeah I play SMP4 all time I got all my res' on there and my bro + friend. So

    STAY ON SMP4!!
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  13. If you really want to switch servers... Spend a couple days on each and see who you connect with. If none just screams out at you. Stay on smp4 :)
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  14. SMP4 FTW!
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  15. Depends on what time you are on it seems.

    I.e. Smp2 is almost dead when it is 8-10 in the morning in central USA, but smp1 has more players on it during that time.

    Personally, that is the pattern that I notice when I am on.
  16. Im Ususally online between 4-9 Wisconsin time (Im not sure what time zone im in)
  17. I believe you are in Central time. If so it is 4:10 right now
  18. um smp1 bro, we are awesome. we are legion, we are empire..
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