What is the chunk activation range?

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  1. When I'm in a chunk, how many chunks are activated around me?

    I can't go off the chunks shown as the client loads chunks but the server doesn't activate them, so anyone know the radius of chunks activated? By the chunks activated, I mean the chunks where mobs can spawn, redstone activates etc etc.

    Thanks <3
  2. 441. Basically 10 chunks out from the one you are in. The dimensions would be 21x21.
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  3. Thank you <3
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  5. Well, on EMC mob spawns and chunk activation are a bit different. Mobs only spawn 64 blocks out.

    Also, in EMC, the chunk activation is 6.

    You can find all the information HERE.
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  6. The area itself, yes.
    However, as seen on the link Dektirok sent, mobs and items that are not in water have their entity activation range greatly reduced, with some exceptions, again, as seen on the page.
    Mob spawning also has a different range, as others have commented.
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  7. Ah. After reading the wiki it says mobs only spawn 64 blocks away from the player. That's a lot easier than trying to count the chunks xD