what is the best way to make money

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  1. What is the best way to make money on empire minecraft???

  2. Mine.
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  3. ^^^^ Mining isn't the way to go. Get a shop and just get things like glass etc. Slowly you will get more and more popular and more ppl will come and buy! Check out my rs on smp4 8538! :)
  4. So, let me just ask - does the glass randomly spawn in your inventory?
    Did i miss something about minecraft? I didnt know it was everything-drops-randomly-into-your-inventory-CRAFT.

    And wait - how much rupees do you have now? Cause i guess thats the final saying in "how to make money" when your not agreeing with me.
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  5. depends on the currency. get the right paper. good plates and press.
  6. Auctioning Enchanted-Diamond-Tools seem good for me :D
    got 30k this week
  7. Honestly, depending on how many friends you know, I think the referral bonus is a very easy way to make rupees, that most people miss: http://empireminecraft.com/account/referrals
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  8. Well I think it depends on what you need, what you have and what you can...

    so what you need? - Is it just to have rupees? Do you have a project in mind you need material for? -> If it is for a project you have to have to get a feeling for is it worth to farm rupee to buy what you need or is it easier to just farm stuff yourself?

    what you have? - Do you know a good spwner location for exp grinding, then you might go for enchantings. Do you know alot of people on your server? Then go for a buy and resell shop (But you have to really think about your buy and sell prices thats important) Make sure your shop is very well organized and goes for all kind of things. Personally I wouldn't like to have a list of 20 shops one for wood one for stone aso, when I can I get all in one place.

    Also if there is a good shop on your server like the one of d1223m on smp3, you might consider just selling to him, because of his reputation he can buy a lot, since he knows somebody will buy it eventually. Also he has good prizes (he actually buys many things for just 1r less then he sells it. In other words he gains almost 0 from it. So basically he build up a shop which is just as profitable as if you do your own shop, just he has the reputation and takes over the risk that the item you sell him is not going to be needed by others.

    This brings me to the last point What can you do? - Having a lagging pc or if you are afraid of monster and lava, you probably will have to look for something else then mining or other methods in wilderness. But if you are fine with the wilderness and nether (huge rupee possibilities here) you probably can make good money with that.

    The last thing to say. Many player do earn good money, but spend it mindless. If you buy something keep in mind what it cost you to get that money. Buying a stack of wood or wool. Is that nessecary? Having sheeps and trees isnt that hard after all. Farming rupee might be harder.

    Greetz Hasorko
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  9. I see your point, lol but y not just buy from other ppl?
  10. There really is no "best way" to make money in EMC. It honestly depends: Are you more of an adventuring type who likes to go out into the wild? If that, then you should probably go to the wild and Nether and harvest resources. I have made a considerable amount of money by simply charging through taiga biomes with a shovel and harvesting tons of snowballs.
    But then, are you the person like me who is a creeperphobe and does not like to leave town? Then, you may want to open a store, selling stuff that you produce. I have a large sugarcane farm, four mooshrooms, a wheat farm, a melon farm, a cobblestone generator, and a tree farm, and I produce plenty to stock my shop. I also sell all the products of the items above - Once my egg farm gets up and running, and once I have enough sheep, I will begin to stock eggs, cake, raw and cooked chicken, and wool. Also, if you sell ALL the products of your farms, you can have significantly more items (and therefore a more impressive store) than if you just sell the items directly produced by your farms. If you have a sugarcane farm, you can sell sugarcane, sugar, paper, books, and bookshelves if you have a tree farm as well. If you have a tree farm, you can sell multiple types of logs, along with wooden planks, and, combined with a cobblestone generator, you can sell stone tools. If you have a large mooshroom/cow farm, you can sell mushroom stew, raw beef, red mushrooms, leather, and, if you have enough iron, buckets of milk.
    On a third hand, if you are the type of person who just wants to make a ton of money, you must Must MUST make an initial investment in a large mob grinder or something of the sort, then sell the items you produce to shops. This does work well, however you will not make as much money as if you opened your own store, however, opening a store takes time, money, and patience, as you need to wait a LONG LONG LONG time to gain popularity.
    Oh god, now I have an Elton John song stuck in my head :D
    "And I think it's gonna be a long long time, 'til touchdown brings me 'round again to find..."
    Anyways, there are tons of ways to make money for yourself, and all of them will make you fairly successful. Try a few, see what works best for you, and pursue that course.
  11. Cause he's asking what the BEST way is :D
    And the best way is to cut the supplier and go mine yourself.

    If you wanna make GOOD money by reselling you need a huge fullstocked shop (like me)
    atleast im making quiet a good amount of rupees a day :p

    But to start off making money - i would indeed mine ALOT :D
  12. I'm that wierd, "creeperphile" who kills every Creeper in sight and harvests loads of gunpowder. That stuff's got value!
  13. It's only got value to diamond supporters, because they're the only ones who can use TNT. But then again, you can make splash potions with it...
  14. 1. Mine
    2. Set up a shop (from what you've mined)
    3. Buy items on sale, sell them at a small mark-up
    4. Set up some redstone machines for farming/generating
    5. REFER SOMEONE! This is so easy to do, so many people love minecraft, and if you love minecraft, you'll more than likely become an EMC addict after one visit to a server.
    7. Become a supporter, if you're able. Best perk, besides a dedicated slot, is more money. Also, you're able to have multiple residences with gold/diamond. With this, you can either set up a house or farm one one, and a shop on the other. Or any combination of these. With two residences, you have access to two separate forms of gameplay at your disposal -- a possible home to wild game, or an economic opportunity with a shop being set up. Once both are made, you can play each whenever you like. Just a warning, it takes some time to run a shop... You need to restock daily if your prices are fair, and a lot of people will flock to a nice shop =)

    Hope this helps just a tad!
  15. If you are an adventurer, I would start off with selling glowstone and other materials that are very usable. They sell high, and you don't need your own shop. Just go to the biggest shop on your server and it will probably buy items for reasonable money.
    The more organic way of making money appeals to me more. I specialize in wheat, melon, pumpkin, eggs, and wool. People need all of those for different reasons, and will buy all for decent money. With the recent addition of 'eggification' you could sell spawn eggs. If you breed often it is a valid way to make money. And right now, demand is high and supply is low because people are just learning how to do it.
  16. im a egg farmer (spawn egg)
  17. I love that justin took the chance to plug the referral thing in there.

    Honestly the BEST way to get rupees? Be a supporter, or buy them. Eay peasy lemon squeezy.