What is the best way to give my stuff away?

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  1. I will be leaving the Empire and would like to give all my stuff away, including houses, locations of spawners, etc. What is the best way to go about that? I have enjoyed my time on smp6 very much but I need to take a break from Minecraft for a while.
  2. Put everything in access chests, including books with locations of spawners (not all in one, though), let people take it, have a grief party to lose the rest. I suppose a drop party instead of access chests'd work better. You could sell/auction the stuff, and then use the money to support other EMC players.
  3. If you have time, and are a believer in fairness for eva...

    Give a rough value to groups of items, then split them up into around 10(+) prizes, then do the old POST FOR GIVEAWAY thing :)

    10(+) equal prizes make 10(+) people just as happy, instead of 1 really happy, 2nd pretty happy, 3rd happy, 4th content, etc.

    Or throw out the 10(+) thing and make a grand prize, you'll probably get more entries that way, just more people with nothing :p
  4. You say take a break "for a while". If you plan on playing again, why not look into putting things on hold instead? Everything you have Locked in the Frontier Wild will still be there when you get back and you can talk to Staff about anything in Town you want to save.
  5. This is what i am doing. I am going into wild with a bunch of tnt on my main account. I am going to make myself a tnt house and then i plan to blow myself up in it. In my inventory there will be a bunch of valuable objects. If you ever get diamond it is a fun option.
  6. I go through phases of things, so it isn't likely I'll return. If I do I prefer the challenge of starting all over again. I have never deliberately locked anything (I don't know how) so I guess all of my stuff in the frontier is not locked? I do not know how to give anything away, I have never participated in anything like that.
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  7. Math if you want to get rid of youre stuff there are multiple options of getting rid of it

    1: make a new threat and tell the people you are leaving and that at a sertain time you will give all right of youre res to everybody, if you do that the people will scavance youre Residence en will get the vallues of it.
    2: make 1 giant auction of items and donate the money you got from the auction to a player you know is in need of ruppees or you can give it to random players.
    3: take some of youre valuables to the wild make a chest and put them in there (do that multiple times) write down the cords in a book, and than sell the book with the cords in it to a player that would like to go a bit treasure hunting.

    I am sorry to hear that you are going through phases and I hope you will get over it, I also hope to see you return.

    Good luck Math_ap_Manthonwy,
    greeting from dales13
  8. I would like to get this over with a simply as possible. Unfortunately I don't know how to change things on my residence to allow others to open them. I know it involves "setting flags" but the instructions aren't clear. I have lots and lots of chests and animals and villagers. My residence has a 64x64 basement with log floors (not planks) and a wool ceiling. Is anyone going to want all of the materials? I hate to see them go to waste. I made a book with the coordinates for finding my home in the wilderness/fronteir with a lot more stuff and a mine with zombie spanwer/experience generator.
  9. well a lot of people would like the resources simply because they are for free and easy to get and i have to get into the setting flags aswell when i know more about it i will make a new post.
  10. Well,
    /res set move true
    /res set container true
    /res set build true
    /res set use true
    /res set kill true
    /res set villager true
    Do that and we'll do the rest for ya :)
  11. Thank you SirZomb, can you tell me what each of those things actually does? does "true" make it open to anyone? What does the "move" and "kill" do?
  12. Math i found the commands for it, you need to type
    /res set build true
    /res set use true
    /res set container true

    if you type all these commands everybody can do whatever he wants to youre res.

    EDIT: lol i got beaten, jk thanks for the quick respond :p
  13. Here's what I would do if I wanted to keep it short and simple. If you don't have any special friends you think might be interested, pick one or two people in Town who are active, don't seem to have much, and who are nice. Let them know what you are doing either through chat or by sending them a message on the Forums. Then give them permissions on your residence.

    The three main flags are Build, Use, and Container. To set a flag, you'll type "/res pset playername flagname true" then hit Enter.
  14. he can do that or he can invite the people he thinks deserve it and some random people and than give the flags.
  15. Just sayin'
  16. sorry i overlooked the here's what i would do, sorry
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  17. Move is that prople can move
    Kill is that people can kill animals
  18. Ok, I gave most of my stuff away. That was fun. But there are still chests on my residence. since I'm an iron member I get 400 rupees a day until the end of the month so every day i but a few diamonds or a blaze rod and put them in the chests. No one is finding them, but they are there for the taking, on SMP 6. I don't know the address.