What is the best way to find dungeons ???

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  1. I want a dubgeon for the grinder. I can't find dungeons I searched for ages nothing found, I tried hearing monsters and all I found is derpy monsters. So how can I find it

    Note: please no one suggest the dark room grinder beacuse it is to expensive and takes a huge spaces.
  2. Dig down Never dig down....
    Find a cave system, they normally have one in and then make it a grinder that way. If you cannot find one, try mineshafts (But cave spiders are now poisonous)
  3. Pay someone to give up the location of a spawner *cough cough* pm me grinders already built :)
  4. I have a zombie grinder on smp5, pretty nice. ill sell location for 5k. NOTE: has like enchant station and all that.
  5. Sorry I am on amp 1
  6. Sorry wrong typing. Fix (smp1)
  7. You dot need to be on a certain smp to go to the wild.
  8. I don't have the price I only have 4k but I can buy it after 2 days so I get 5k
  9. 4k works for me, i can bring you there now?
  10. protip; make sure to use the edit button in future
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  11. Ok meet me at the wild spawn
  12. ok, im there. ill supply boat.
  13. Meet me at wild spawn
  14. Spawner blocks are usually encountred between lvl 20-lvl 50 (depth). I would say go out 1000+ blocks from spawn. Then go down to lvl 40 and dig shafts 20 blocks in each direction. Find nothing? Move over 50 blocks and try again. You will find one in no time.
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  15. go to the server: smp5.empireminecraft.us NOTE: All smp servers are connected
  16. I can't find you
  17. You wrong every smp has a wild
  18. When did he say they didn't?
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  19. i know...... they are connected, one guy pays all the bills for the server, am i not right?
    each server has a /vault....