What is the best gold farm way ???

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  1. I have seen a lot of videos on YouTube on how to make a gold farm but I can't make any of it until I know what is most compatible one with (emc).

    So from your experience what is the best one on YouTube to make ??
  2. I haven't seen that many designs for gold farms, but the 2 main ones I know of are the spawn pads on the nether or the array of nether portal on the overworld, and without doubt the spawn pads on the nether is the more efficient of the two.

    The only changes you would have to consider when adapting a model to EMC is the range the mobs spawn on, the range the mobs move on, and the mob limits. So limit the size of the farm to only 5 chunks radius, and ensure no bottlenecks arise that make you reach the mob limit, other than that any design should work exactly the same on EMC.
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  3. Best way to do it on EMC servers is in the nether. You can make a simple one but going to make best of the best be prepare to have a lot of redstone, stone, cobble, sticky pistons, few god bows to shoot down ghast and patience. :)
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  4. Ummm..., redstone/stone/cobble/piston...

    Sounds like something similar to the ender man farm. But in the nether.

    Is that will give a good rate. With the slabs all around it should be good
  5. The spawn pads seems a good Idea. And as you said it is more efficient
  6. Basically yes it's enderman farm/grinder but a lot of slabbing so much of it you will get tired of looking at it.
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  7. That's it
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  8. Yup. I've been slabbing for weeks. There are also a few more points.
    - Building in the nether is dangerous and annoying. "EEEEnnnnHHHH! Boosh! EEEENNNNNHHH" -ghast.
    - Building hundreds of portals requires a ton of time and resources. AND is extremely easy to find on the live map.
  9. I would think having them drop down onto hoppers so their drops can go into a locked chest. Just a thought.
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  10. is this a good place to make the gold farm ???

  11. That is an ideal location for a gold farm, you will still have slabbing to do, but yes that looks good.
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  12. Is the slabbing would be 144 blocks in each direction ???
  13. That or you remove everything within that area.
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  14. The mobs can spawn in the chunk you're on, and five more chuncks in all directions, so a total spawn area of 11x11 chuncks, that's a 176 x 176 block square.

    Sorry, I haven't read the correction Aikar made, the mobs only spawn in the chunk you're on, plus 4 on all directions, so a 9 x 9 chunk square, a 144 x 144 block square.
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  15. Is it better and less dangerous to cover the lava lake with half slabs ??
  16. You don't have to slab the lava as monsters will not spawn on lava. But it is a good idea to have some fire resit potions with you in case you fall into the lava.

    Its also a good idea to ether put blocks (like cobble) around your pistons or build a building around your farm to protect it/you from ghast's.
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  17. I have a question I've been wondering about. Assuming that you have slabbed everything, is there an optimal number of spawning locations for a farm? In other words, is there a number of pads I can install where it does not make any sense to install more?

    I was watching a video on a Squid farm I'd like to try and when they described the size they said it wouldn't make sense to make it larger than 30x30x10 because the "Squids will already be at the mob cap". He never explained more and I've been wondering about what this means in terms of Squid and other types of farms.

    At my Gold farm, I don't yet have everything slabbed. I'm close though. There's a cave or two somewhere I have yet to find and initially I was seeing Entcount slowly climb until it reached 90 then I'd have to disconnect.

    I added more pistons last night and the Entcount never made it past 50 or so. I have a few more rows I can squeeze in and I can also expand to the sides. I know more slabbing would be good, I know. Theoretically I could fill a four chunk radius with spawning pads, but now I'm wondering if there is some point where it makes sense to stop.

    I've read through the logic on spawning, but not gone the extra step of doing any math to try and find an optimal number. If anyone can share any links, formulas, or opinions they have regarding this I'd appreciate it.
  18. The thing is, you have to be a certain radius from the pads in order to spawn, im sure you know this already, but that could be a reason.
    Another thing is, you can use a railway as a good way to get unlimited spawns, basically, you move around in a circle around the thing to keep the mobs spawning. This way you could make your farm as big as you want.
    Hope this helps,

    [See about 3 minutes in to see what i mean]
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  19. I want to emphasize what Stewie has said. Using a minecart system, to put the player within range of all parts of a farm means you can go pretty big. I also think player movement (within the proper minimum and maxium ranges) increases spawn rates, though I have no proof of it.

    Using lava or slabs to inhibit mob spawning outside the trap forces the mobs to spawn inside the trap.

    You will probably want at least 3 x Mob limit (3 x 250) or 750 spawning pads to get a nice flow of mobs (whether you are looking for gold or other mob drops).

    Of course you are somewhat limited if you are talking about a Wither Skull farm.
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