What is Tekkit?

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    I'm sorry I am so slow with figuring out what this is. I didn't care at first, but I'm curious now. A lot of players seem to like it. Before you link me to their site let me just say that I have been to their site and their wiki. I tried to understand, really. I think it has something to do with a mod pack... Here's some of my main questions:
    • What does it do?
    • Does it overwrite your Minecraft game to something else? (Sorta like a texture pack?)
    • Can I download the launcher without screwing up my Minecraft?
    • Will I be able to play EMC if I download it?
    I think I have more questions than that, but those are my main ones for now. If you have some answers, please try to elaborate. Don't hesitate to make your post a long explanation; I love to read. Any answers are appreciated. :)
  2. Much appreciated, although I've done that search about 15 times; maybe a bit more. It takes me to their site, wiki, and gives me Youtube videos. Their site does not explain clearly (at least to me) what it is. =/
  3. Tekkit makes the game easier and adds different machines to the game. It adds several things actually. I could be here all day naming tekkit items.
    It's just a mod pack, I don't think it overwrites your game.
    The tekkit pack includes a launcher for tekkit. It does not mess with your minecraft.
    You just launch tekkit through the launcher. When you don't want to use tekkit launch it through the normal MC launcher.
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  4. its a mod pack with a custom client

    its not the best as i have a .minecraft with more mods:cool:
  5. Well it the simple explanation is it adds machine to minecraft, but here's the longer explanation. If you've looked into tekkit you know there's machines but to power these machines you need power that you get from the tons of new ores from the ground, you'll also need new ores for building machines, some of the machines are Macraters witch turn ore into ore dust witch will give 2 ingots if you smelt in a electric furnace witch is faster than a normal generator, you can also make solar generators and water mills and the most advanced and best machine is the nuclear power generator which uses uranium and gives you pretty much all the power you need but is very dangerous. There is also a whole buttload of new tools and armor with pretty amazing features, oh and jetpacks.

    Edit: Plus what Kman said.
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  6. Thank you all for summing it up for me! From what pat2011 said, it seems that there are a lot of things to learn in Tekkit. I better get playing it then. Haha. It sounds fun at least. ^-^
  7. Watch Duncan play it
  8. From what I hear, Tekkit seems fun. Might get it.... :3
  9. Same here, but I got to find a nice server to find like EMC, soo going looking for a awhile :cool:
  10. It's sooooo much easier with friends. I play on a server and because I do I sorta understand it. It is the type of thing that you are continulously learning. It includes several mods such as Industrialcraft 2, BuildCraft, Computer Craft, Red Power, EE and more... I don't suggest trying it with out watching extensive videos or without a friend to guide you through it.
  11. Try Jeanzl2000 one
  12. ight I pm him tomorrow or so
  13. Why dont you consider joining mine? :)