What is Newgrounds?

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  1. The question is , do you know what is Newgrounds, and what was first, Youtube or Newgrounds, the true is that Newgrounds was one of the first web sites where you can put any kind of video, so yes Newgrounds was first, also Newgrounds haved some stars that are now one of the most popular in Youtube, (SMOSH), that is one of the popular and the only one that i know, so be free to say what you think about Newgrounds and what you know about the web site, also Newgrounds mebers i am GeneralTFG.
  2. Was this just to advertise your account? I'm sorry but that's the only point i can find in this thread.
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  3. I like to see kids react to... an that stuff, so then I saw the teens react show, there was a newgrounds video that i love called Sakad Fingers,is so crepy, so there in the questions was that newgrounds was the first of making videos for internet, so there i wanted tosee how many people know about newgrounds
  4. Sorry was Salad Fingers
  5. The question is if you know negrounds yes or no
  6. Super Meat Boy also started there, as well as Alien Homid, which is not as big now as it used to be, but, newgrounds was not a place you could post any type of video. You could post flash animations, they only in the last year added the ability to host videos as well. I have been a member on newgrounds for quite a long time, and one of two places that I have been on long enough to not share the same username I use now.
  7. I love Castle Crashers and I think they started there as well before going to XBLA, PSN and now Steam. They use music from NewGrounds.
  8. I used to go on NewGrounds a lot. Might I suggest looking up Ohmygodimonfire.
  9. I just watched that. I was like :confused: the whole time.

    I like A Chicken's Life Sorry about the Author's name ._.

    Edit: They also have a Creeper's Life and some other Minecraft videos.
  10. One word. Skincraft.
  11. oh god i still surf that place

    ingus was my go too flash